Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas list

It’s no secret that I love, and I do mean L-O-V-E, all things Christmas. Here are two things that I have decided for this Christmas season.

1) I’m going to try to accomplish 90% of my Christmas shopping online.

Here’s why: 
       a) I don’t have to GO anywhere. Except from my couch to my chair. Maybe. Maybe I’ll just stay on my couch. Who knows.
       b) Chances are, there’s a gift wrapping option. This eliminates a problem I have that is called “yes, I wrapped this by myself. Sorry. But did you like how I used aluminum foil to cover that one spot?”
       c) I like getting packages. So what if I know what’s inside isn’t for me? I just like coming home to a box on my doorstep with my name on it. Whatever.

2) I’m going to go ALL-OUT with Christmas lights. Colored Christmas lights, to be exact.

Here’s why:
       a) There may or may not have been a near relationship-ending fight with my boyfriend about colored vs. white lights.
       b) He likes white lights and is not willing to budge or compromise on this matter.
       c) Therefore, while we’re still single and not living or decorating together, I will passive aggressively throw colored Christmas lights on  any and everything possible…including, but not limited to, headboards, closets, dressers, mirrors, and toilets.

There’s a possibility I’ll add a 3rd thing to this list and that the 3rd thing is “I’m going to get everyone Snuggies for Christmas.”
The great thing about #3 is that is also satisfies most of #1…minus the gift wrapping. But still…

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